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Psycho-pedagogical faculty. Faculty information

Psycho-pedagogical faculty of SB Moscow City University was created through the merger of the faculties of psychology and preschool pedagogy on November 1, 2007 with decision of the Academic Council of Samara branch on October 25, 2007 (Protocol No. 3, order No. 46/1-01 dated 26.10.2007).

From the 1st of December 2007 till present days the dean of the faculty is the candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor Gorokhova Margarita Yurievna.

Terms of study

Terms of study at the faculty are:

  • full-time tuition: bachelor - 4 years master – 2 years
  • part - time tuition on the basis of secondary (complete) education (bachelor's degree) – 5 years,
  • part - time tuition on the basis of secondary special education (bachelor) - 3 years,
  • part - time tuition on the basis of high professional education (bachelor) - 3 years.

Admission to the faculty

The conditions of admission to the faculty can be found in the section "Admissions".

During the work the faculty has graduated over 2,500 professionals working in the fields of education, management, healthcare, banking and business.

The student life

The main areas of work:

Cultural and creative student activity.

Participation in the conduct of University events.

Guidance work.

The formation of student’s research skills.

Engaging students into working with the youth of the city to prevent various addictions.

Activities that reinforce students’ professional skills:

Days of the adaptation (training work)

Regional and city intellectual marathon

Organization and holding of the annual inter-faculty pedagogical Olympiad

Open days (profdiagnostiks and professional consultation of entrants)

Working with gifted students

Preventive work at the University faculties and schools of the city (tobacco prevention, computer and SMS - addiction)

Work of “the alumni Club”, supervising students and assisting in various events

Events, developing creative and athletic potential:

KVN – Russian comedy club for students.

Job days

Student initiation

Festival "Student spring"

Contests " Shrovetide”  "Ice sculptures"

"WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?" Intellectual game

Sport competitions (mini football, volleyball, basketball)

Creative activities in the magazine "Mistral"

Training specialists at the faculty is carried out by 3 departments:

- Department of General and social psychology,

head of Department - doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor Shatalina Maria Alexandrovna

- Department of educational and applied psychology,

head of Department – doctor of psychological Sciences, associate Professor Matasova Inna Leonidovna

- Department of pedagogy,

 head of Department – doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor of Noskov Igor Alexandrovich.

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443081, г.Самара, ул.Стара-Загора,76; 

Приёмная Директора: +7 (846) 932-50-35.
Приёмная комиссия: +7 (846) 932-50-38, 
443081, г. Самара, ул. Стара-Загора, 76, (проезд трамваями № 19, 20, троллейбусами № 13, 17, 19, автобусами № 23, 37, 38, 47, 70).

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