Samara branch
of the State Autonomous educational institution of Moscow
"Moscow city university"

Faculty of Informatics and Management

The faculty of Informatics and Management was formed by the Decision of the scientific Council of “Moscow city university” Samara branch January, 24 in 2017, Protocol No. 5, in order to improve the organizational structure of the branch by the Association of the faculty of Informatics and the faculty of Economics, Sociology and Management.

Faculty of Economics, Sociology and Management was the first faculty established in the framework of the Council of Moscow city University. It was created in 1998 on the basis of the order of the government of Moscow dated October 16, 1997 №396. During the past time the faculty has educated more than 2000 experts working in administration of Samara and Samara region, Directors of the commercial and municipal enterprises, educational institutions, managers of trade, purchasing, motor transport companies.

The faculty of Informatics was established in 2001 to train specialists in the field of information technology for the education system. During its existence the faculty has prepared more than 500 specialists.

Currently, the faculty of Informatics and Management trains specialists in 10 areas and training programs. Students of the faculty of pedagogical directions are trained at the expense of budgetary appropriations. Admission of students to the faculty in all directions is carried out by the results of the exam (Russian language, mathematics, social studies). Winners of regional and all-Russian competitions are enrolled in the faculty out of competition in case of absence of unsatisfactory exam results.

Research work at the faculty is made in 3 departments:

1. Department of higher Mathematics and Informatics (the head of the department is Bogdanov Sergey Nikolaevich, candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate Professor);

2. Department of applied Economics and Management (the head of the department is Rusakova Ekaterina Viktorovna, candidate of Economic Sciences, associate Professor);

3. Department of Personnel management and Sociology (the head of the department is Chulkov Alexander, candidate of Technical Sciences, associate Professor).

The level of teaching staff of the departments ensures high quality of education at the faculty: 75% of employees have academic degrees and scientific titles. All teachers prepare their classes using new pedagogical technologies, modern multimedia and interactive learning tools.

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443081, г.Самара, ул.Стара-Загора,76; 

Приёмная Директора: +7 (846) 932-50-35.
Приёмная комиссия: +7 (846) 932-50-38, 
443081, г. Самара, ул. Стара-Загора, 76, (проезд трамваями № 19, 20, троллейбусами № 13, 17, 19, автобусами № 23, 37, 38, 47, 70).

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